Help to start up a new company
for a Multi Chip Modules supplier

Our Customer, a large microelectronics R&D centre, has developed a multilayer interconnection technology used for manufacturing modules with passive and active components, reducing total cost and improving performance, for volume applications (e.g. radiotelephony, automotive). The next step is to create a spinoff company devoted to the production and sales of these modules. Our role is:
- to build up the business plan,
- to qualify and quantify the market by interviewing potential customers,
- to ensure that the technology and its derived products and services will match the market demand,
- to implement the communication plan.

Find out and qualify diversification markets
for a military equipment manufacturer

Our Customer seeks civil applications for an imaging software technology he has developed and industrialised.
Our role consisted in finding out, approaching and pre-selecting potential partners (SMEs, R&D centres), in order to transfer the technology.

Customer satisfaction survey
for a supplier of chemical products for the semiconductor industry

Our Customer is a major supplier of photolithography chemicals used for patterning very fine structures on integrated circuits. To complement the field information from his sales and marketing organisation, he needed the unbiased information that only an external consulting house could bring.
Our role was to bring a both synthesised and detailed survey of their European customer base. We collated field information through face to face interviews with 30 persons of 10 manufacturing plants, and by telephone interviews with 15 individuals from 12 other plants.

Resources and funding optimisation
for a component and systems engineering company

Our Customer designs and sells volume products in the telecommunication and consumer fields. After he took the decision to relocate its corporate office with engineering and marketing teams, our mission was to:
- build up the business plan to be presented to banks, investors and regional authorities,
- select the most attractive places for a maximised efficiency in terms of employment, local funding and facilities.
The company is now well installed and pursuing its growth.

Value analysis
for a car manufacturer

Our Customer is a department of a car maker, in charge of optimising the production and purchasing costs.
The goal is to help him better understand the cost structure of an electronic module, and to issue a financial and technical proposal to re-engineer this module, leading to spare 5% out of 20MEuro purchased modules per year.

Supplier selection
for a public transport operator

Our Customer is a urban transport operator, planning to generalise the use of an electronic contactless pass with two main features : transport pass and electronic purse.
A specific mission was to issue a call for tender for the redesign and industrialisation of the current prototype, analyse the answers and rank the potential suppliers according to economic and technical criteria.

Help to project proposal to the European Commission
for a hardware and software department of a large group

We help our customer to synthesise its know-how and state of the art, in order to write a proposal on the "re-use of software object-oriented components" to the European Commission.

Search for an industrial partner
for a missile manufacturer

We help our customer in the market and business aspects of a technology transfer towards another company.

Cost assessment
for a network of companies involved in microelectronics

Within the "Cost Analysis" working group of the COMPETE thematic network, we designed and maintain a software tool for simulating streams and costs of industrial processes or manufacturing steps : SimWitch (Simulate Where Is The Cost Hidden) is a simple and efficient tool, running on a PC, complementing the use of spreadsheets.

Market survey
for a Supplier of microelectronics production equipment

We proceeded to a very specific world-wide survey on MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposit) demand and business opportunities, bringing enough elements for our customer to decide to invest or not in this field.

R&D programmes management
for the European Commission

Consulting to the DG III, XII, XIII on incentive for the results exploitation of R&D projects.

Organisation of professional event
an MTA initiative : Toulouse October '98 round-table

Professionals debated on a subject : "Management of innovation in Information Technology : particularities and complementarities between SMEs, large groups and R&D centres".

European project secretariat and communication
for the co-ordinator of the CALYPSO (IA 1001) project

CALYPSO : Contact And contactLess environments Yielding a citizen Pass integrating urban Services and financial Operations.
The project groups 23 companies, 63 individuals in 5 European countries. Based on smart card use (contact and contactless), CALYPSO is a ticketing and payment system integrating urban services and electronic-purses.

Animation and management of a microelectronics network
for the European Commission DGXII

COMPETE is a network focused on microelectronics packaging & interconnection, bringing together more than 45 companies delegating about 70 specialists, representing more than 50 projects funded by the EC (Esprit and Brite Euram projects).
COMPETE organises specific working groups and circulates the results.